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Our ambition.

Christophe Thoral

A French leader in production, Lagardère Studios has embarked on a path of international growth that will allow us to reach new audiences, to set up alliances and joint strategies. Lagardère Studios has gained a foothold in West Africa directly, among Spanish-speaking audiences through its subsidiary Grupo Boomerang but also in Europe investing in Aito Media (Finland) and Skyhigh TV (Netherlands). We are just at the beginning of this expansion policy, with the aim of becoming a global leader in independent production.

On each of these continents, Lagardère Studios provides clients with a strong partnership able to accompany them and keep one step ahead of the changes in the audiovisual world, by focusing on new production models: international coproductions, localized productions, low-cost industrial production, and corporate and digital creations.

Lagardère Studios must, above all, draw fresh talent to offer innovative, significant work and formats by bringing together the best professionals in the field, with a single goal in mind: to offer the very best in audiovisual production.

ID Fictions.

The society !D Fictions
Lagardère StudioLagardère Studio

ID Fictions.

The society !D Fictions

The Spirit of this label is to make up a fiction which speaks to us all. Laugh, cry of who we are through original evening fiction (series, short series and TV films) for all tv broadcasters, that’s the approach of Id Fictions.

Management team.

Pierre EidPierre Eid
Pierre Eid

Pierre Eid - Producteur