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ID Fictions.

The society !D Fictions
ID Fictions

ID Fictions.

The society !D Fictions

The company’s mission is to create drama that speaks to us all. It does this through stories that make us laugh or cry about who we are and what we do when faced with inexplicable situations and tough moral dilemmas. We see our futures being played out in investigations and trials, reflecting our society in real time. The company’s captivating programs involve protagonists caught in the web of our police and justice system, before unpacking layer by layer what it is that makes a person transgress. The challenge is to reach the widest possible audience and gain a better understanding of social issues, without passing judgement or condemning. This goes for all broadcasters, whatever the format, genre or duration of the program.

Productions: - Drama, 90 minutes - France 2 -

Drama, 90 minutes - France 2

Management team.

Pierre EidPierre Eid
Pierre Eid

Pierre Eid - Producteur